September packages updates

New updates for the {rsimsum} and {KMunicate} packages just landed on CRAN.

September 3, 2020

Hey! I hope y’all had a good summer, it sure has been something

Let’s get straight to business: this is a short post to announce that new releases of {rsimsum} and {KMunicate} just landed on CRAN! {rsimsum} is now at version 0.9.1, while {KMunicate} is now at version 0.1.0.

Both are mostly maintenance releases: some small bugs have been squashed, and new (hopefully useful) customisation options have been added to {KMunicate}; some typos in the documentation have been fixed too. If you want to read more, all details can be found in the NEWS files of {rsimsum} and {KMunicate}.

If you have either package already installed, just use update.packages() to obtain the new version; otherwise, install.packages("rsimsum") and install.packages("KMunicate") will do the trick. As always, feedback on the new releases is very much appreciated.

That’s all: I promised this was going to be short, and less than 150 words later I believe I delivered. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon (-ish) with a follow-up on my post on academic conferences in the year 2020 after a whole season of remote conferences. In the meanwhile, take care and be safe!