Weekly blog news

I fixed the talks section and removed all tracking from all of my websites.

June 4, 2020

…here we go again with the weekly update on blog maintenance and housekeeping. I promise the fun content will be back soon!

Talks section is live

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I have been working on a new section will a list of talks I have given in the past few years, including slides (whenever possible).

Well, that section now live! The cool thing is that it builds dynamically using Hugo content, and it can easily be updated by simply adding a new markdown file with the appropriate YAML header. I think the overly popular Academic theme uses a similar approach for the various kind of contents it supports, but I am not sure.

Analytics are gone

I had been thinking about this for a while, and I finally decided to remove all analytics from all the websites I run: basically, this website and the pkgdown websites for the {rsimsum} and {comorbidity} packages.

I mean, it’s cool to see how many people visit each every month, and I was flattered to see people from all over the world accessing my website… but I don’t really need any of that data (funny thing, coming from a data all the things kind of person). You don’t need further tracking while you visit the web, that for sure.

Incidentally, I recently bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W on which I am now running Pi-hole, a DNS sinkhole that blocks an incredible amount of junk at a network level. I mean, look at all that crap:

Screenshot of junk blocked by Pi-hole over the past 24 hours

… and that’s just over the past 24 hours!

An additional bonus is less JavaScript to load, which means that… the website is even faster! Yeah, I know, it must be an ongoing joke by now.


I want to play around with the Raspberry Pi more, so I will be probably writing about it more. It’s a fun, tiny little computer that can do all sorts of computer stuff — and if you didn’t know, I have an irrational obsession for tiny and cute little computers!

I will keep it short: this is all for now, see you next week for a new episode of blog updates weekly, a new series on Netflix. Just kidding, Netflix is totally not paying for this… right? Happy to be proved wrong here though 😂 Cheers!